Made in germany


As a company rich in tradition with many years of production expertise, Marabu is 100% committed to quality control in each and every step of our manufacturing and distribution. We strive to meet the most up-to-date demands of the market with all of the 20,000+ items we make, which are stored under carefully monitored conditions in our modern facility.

Marabu is a worldwide leader in meeting quality standards. We produce all of our products, from craft and hobby paints to fine art mediums, with the “Made in Germany” quality mark.



Marabu’s responsibility for protecting the environment is anchored in the earliest stages of product development. We conserve resources when using raw materials and we research the most environmentally-friendly materials and processes. We use strict quality control measures to make sure all of our products meet the highest standards for clean production and problem-free handling. Regular testing from independent agencies around the globe confirm our commitment to sustainably and responsibly produced products.

environmentally-friendly materials and processes
Imagination captured


Creativity is infinite. Marabu provides a complete range of colors, mediums and tools for you to imagine creativity in all its forms. We provide creative ideas, valuable tips, starter sets and step-by-step instructions so artists and hobbyists can be successful with any creative project.

360 Communication


Marabu provides extraordinary possibilities for our trade partners with comprehensive marketing support, including informative collateral, interactive communication on and offline, as well as unique point-of-sale displays that allow optimum positioning and branding.

Marabu Global Distributors


Managing from our offices in Germany, France and North America, Marabu works with distributors in more than 50 countries who have committed and motivated sales and marketing specialists. We provide clear branding guidelines, excellent communication tools, packaging developed for international requirements and regular product training to help our partners achieve sales success and customer satisfaction.