Art Spray

Art Spray is an artist-quality, low-viscosity, non-aerosol acrylic spray paint for use on many different porous/semi-porous surfaces including canvas (treated or raw) paper, wood, leather and fabric. It also works well on minimally absorbent surfaces such as vinyl, polypropylene and polyester. The vivid colors are blendable and do not reactivate once dry, allowing for multiple layers of color and texture in mixed media applications. Spray directly in bursts, blend with a damp brush or sponge, paint as you would with watercolors, or even use a dip pen for lettering. Shake vigorously for 60 seconds before use. 50 ml spray bottle.

  • 24 colors plus 2 metallics
  • Water-soluble when wet
  • Lightfast and highly-pigmented
  • Cosmetic-grade spray nozzle for a fine mist (see FAQ for care instructions)

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12099 005     50 ml spray bottle