Create your own motivational assemblage with Art Crayons on wood feathers – mixed media artist Cat Kerr shows you how in her video tutorial below.


  • Art Crayons
  • Art Spray
  • Watercolor paper
  • Wood feather shapes
  • Wood embroidery hoop
  • Craft paint, paint brush, cosmetic sponge
  • Glitter glue, craft glue, sequins
  • Scissors, sentiment stickers
  • Wire or ribbon

1. Color the wood feathers with Art Crayons; blend colors with a cosmetic sponge.

2. Add glitter glue and splatters of Art Spray to each feather.

3. Color the edges of a wood embroidery hoop with Art Crayon; blend colors with a damp brush.

4. Add splatters of black and white craft paint to the hoop and let dry.

5. Adhere sentiment stickers to the hoop rim.
6. Glue the hoop to a sheet of watercolor paper and trim the excess paper away.
7. Shade the paper inside the hoop with Art Crayon to create a shadow effect.
8. Add splatters of Art Crayon with water on to the paper to create a background.

9. Glue the feathers to the paper inside the hoop and embellish with sequins and stickers.
10. Add wire or ribbon to the top of the hoop to hang.

Cat Kerr’s work has been featured in numerous worldwide publications and she has appeared on the PBS TV show, Make It Artsy. Cat teaches many classes online and at art retreats around the country. She has collaborated with several companies in the craft industry and has created multiple product lines, including foam stamps, stencils and texture plates.