Creating custom art papers with Easy Marble can become a bit of an addiction, right?

And what do you do with all of your colorful sheets and scraps? A simple collage is one of my go-to solutions – the organic shapes of hand-cut leaves frame the random swirls perfectly.

You can marble a small sheet of watercolor paper two different ways, depending on the size of your container – either by dipping the sheet through the inks vertically into the water (which marbles both sides) or laying the sheet face down on top of the inks (marbling only one side). Each process will give you a different look. Green, blue and purple are my favorite colors to combine – click here to learn how to use Easy Marble.

While my marbled sheets were drying, I drew and cut leaf shapes out of clear template plastic. By using each plastic leaf like a cropping frame, I was able to highlight the best swirls of each piece of marbled paper.

After sketching a branch on my canvas and arranging the leaves to fit, I painted the branch and painted the rest of the canvas black. Each leaf was adhered in place with decoupage medium – I love out it turned out!

easy marble paper dip

Both the front and back of a watercolor postcard get marbled with the dipping technique.